Our Few Process



Location visit

A Franchise in India with low investment, can be selected by first choosing a prime real estate location to set up the franchise. An optimal location will increase customer traffic to the area as it will be more convenient for people to access.



Terms and Condition clarity

The terms and conditions of the franchise including the lassi shop franchise cost are to be discussed. Any doubts and clarifications you require regarding the terms and conditions of the franchising are to be discussed. Once both the parties in question have come to a mutual understanding regarding the terms and conditions, they can move forward with the process of franchising.



Store Planning and Development

We will share the knowledge and information we have regarding how to best go about store planning and its development. Our team will discuss all the viable options for store planning concerning the location you chose. The experiences of other franchisors will help you make an informed decision.



Staff Training

Although stores like Lassi Royale have only a minimal requirement for staff, we will ensure that all your staff gets the best of training so that you can bump up the quality of customer service. Your team is to be trained such that they uphold the reputation of Lassi Royale and only strengthen the brand name.



Advance Payment

The franchisor and Lassi Royale can now finalize a sum to be paid in advance. This sum is the first of many installments to be paid to be a part of the Lassi Royale family. Only open finalizing the advance payment and other related details can the agreement be closed.



Agreement Finalization

Upon completion of the above steps it can be considered that the agreement is finalized. The franchise is all set to be open and following all the legal technicalities and nuances of opening a franchise.



Store Opening

The store can now be opened to the public at the location that has previously been designated. The store should follow the store planning, which was initially laid out and provide a cozy nook for customers to relax and enjoy their drink.



Marketing and Advertising

On the opening of the franchise store, you may begin marketing and advertising. The most efficient way of advertising for a community-based business like Lassi Royale is word of mouth. However, you are also free to engage in print media as a method of marketing and advertisement.

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